Friday, August 15, 2008


I don't ever recall a time in American history where Congress was told publicly, that it's president George W. Bush, was a War Criminal. How refreshing.

How is it possible that this truth can be overlooked by America at Large?

Pay attention to the Congressman on the right... when he tries to stop Bugliosi because there were so many people in the room cheering against Bush. It was like watching one of the third Reich's own lose composure to hear such ardent truths about the Nazi Bush really is.

How can the media show Bush on TV every day, walking around like he's some kind of moral diplomat that represents America? What a crazy and pitiful time for America.

How can we listen to an Obama when no one will hold accountable the Treason done to America by the Bush administration. Obama turned around and supported Bush's Illegal Wire Tapping by supporting retroactive immunity for the Telecom Co.'s...  Amazingly blatant and obvious who Obama represents... even if it's clearly against the law.

The only sign of any democracy has been in the American courts thankfully. At least for now, there are still justices like Kennedy who have struck down Bush's anti-human policies... torture, Military Tribunals and stripping of civil rights, first the bad guys then yours.

They have some crazy rule in congress that says you can't say anything demeaning about the President, even is he's a crook and a murderer? What kind of democracy is that? Clinton got impeached for having Sex? Now you can't say anything bad about a asshole like Bush?

Bush should have been reigned in long ago, and certainly for the way his administration handled Katrina. That was much more than inept. That was deliberate. Just like it was deliberate to ignore all the people sick and who have died from the 911 ruble that was full of all kinds of very hazardous substances. And Bush had the EPA lie about that too. All of this has been reported... totally ignoring the soldiers' hospitals left in shambles... it's all about lack of humanity, no respect a person.

Will we ever see the day when America holds these people accountable? The people have not gotten fed up enough yet. And the media apparently thinks it can play people indefinitely, it's worked so far.

Just the other night on Charlie Rose the writer Phillip Gourevich said he thought that taking America through War Crimes trials for Bush and his people was not what the country needed. He couldn't be more wrong.  You can't just shove crimes of humanity like this under a rug and think America will somehow magically regain moral and ethical composure simply because another administration takes over. If Obama was any kind of true leader or reformer  he would be advocating criminal prosecution for Bush and his administration. 

Instead we have Bush waving a little American flag & being interviewed by Bob Costas at the Bejing Olympics. Totally absurd. Here is the man who has overseen the murder of hundred's of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, on TV waving his flag and at the same time condeming (rightly so) the Russians for Human rights violations in Georgia. 

So, here we are, we have videos of Bugliosi and Kucinich saying in front of congress that Bush is a war criminal. We have writers and intellectuals of all kinds lining up on PBS to affirm the crimes of the Bush administration... It is known, it has been said to the people... and alas, nothing has be done. 

And think back about the arrogance of the Bush administration. Tragically, it appears that they can do whatever they want and not have any consequences. Libby got pardoned, Gonzales, Rove and Miers have been allowed to ignore congressional Subpoenas... they deleted millions of emails that are protected by law... they violated laws by using republican email accounts...tapped your phones/email and then gave the Telecom Co.'s immunity from breaking the law... take your computers at the air port...

Unbelievable. It just goes on & on.... It would take years to prosecute all the crimes of this administration and guess who foots the bill?... the good sense folks of America.

Was it necessary to murder thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians, over four thousand Americans and tens of thousands of injured because of a small minority of terrorists in the world? who at the time were not even in Iraq when we invaded. 

Bush has made it so much worse for all of us. Now, those that have contempt for America have good reason to feel that way. Now, other enemies that capture our soldiers can feel justified to torture our soldiers and ignore the Geneva Convention laws that WE created.

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BillyWarhol said...

Yeah i read the review on that New Bugliosi book + posted it on Flickr*

amazing how none o the major media networks wanted to touch him*

that says it all right there*

Helter Skelter*

Peace Bro!! ;))