Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Spirit Play" (CD) - About & Where to Buy


The title cut for “Spirit Play” was inspired by a book I had read called “The Power of Now”. I sang and played this one. The song playfully winds down to a cool chill feeling at rest.

The moving and beautiful songs “Gardens & Roses” & “Nature Fair” feature signer Kim Smith from St. Francisville, Louisiana. You can also hear Kim on many of the Lottery Jingles I produced for the Louisiana Lottery Corp. ...i.e. (“Pick 4”, Bonus Lucky 7”, “Money Maze”, “Masquerade Madness”. )

“Gardens & Roses” hosts some great players. Jazz drummer Troy Davis, bassist David Ellis and guitarist Wendell Tilley.

“Short’s Not Small” (Featuring drum great Gantt Kees) is a song written about a musician friend with a Napoleanic Complex. (Ryland Percy: Bass, B4 Organ/Vocals: Mark Galasso)

“Di is Dead” is a satirical song written at the time of Princess’ Di’s funeral. The same period in which Mother Theresa died. This provided added insight into what world society values as information and contribution. (Electric Guitar: Casey McCallister, Vocals, drums, bass, keyboards: Mark Galasso)

“Nothing Down Again” was a spontaneous recording about spiritual dissapointment. “Tell Me All About Yourself” is another improvisation about ... who knows... “Tell Me About Myself”...

“The Spent Goodbye” was created from words later set to music. A singer friend of mine commented one day that she liked the words she saw sitting on my piano. That moved me to finish them with music. The song is about nostalgic love & sentimentality. "It was a normal day, there was apple pie, it was the night before we learned to fly & you know the way"....(Troy Davis: drums, Vocals & Keys: Mark Galasso)

"Spirit Play" ends with “Pages From Your Life” which is a tribute to my father violinist & professor Dr. Michael A. Galasso. Recorded orignially on an 8trk recorder, the song begins with my father talking to me when I was 2yrs old. My father recorded everything. His family, his playing, his performances with the symphony...etc. I used the family tapes, recorded on my fathers Wollensack recorder, to put together an intro & outro collage; father talks to me, plays violin with pianist Dr. Jack Guerry, family comes in singing, guitar fades in and then the song. The song fades out and ends with my father, Dr. Guerry and sleigh bells. My friend Michael Smith played upright bass on this song, the rest is me.

It is worth mentioning how "Pages From Your Life" has moved people who, thankfully, shared their experience with me. I will never forget a friend telling me she played “Pages From Your Life” for her father and he broke down and started crying and they had this long deep discussion like she had never had with him before. What more could I hope for with a song.

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