Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ron Paul about 1976 Vaccination Same as 2009 - Fear and Forced Vaccination

Fear and Advertising sponsored by the United States Government and Homeland security.

The US Gov. has been in the business of medicating americans for many years. For example, Water Fluoridation is a waste child of the Department of Defense.

The Gov. is in the vaccine business, with the military, who is also tied to water fluoridation.


And yet if we don't change health care in America, it's people will perish, and if we are forced to have the government administer health for all we’re really screwed.

How in God's name could anyone even begin to think that the US Government has your best interest at heart, when they mandate hydrofuorosilicic acid in your drinking water and Vaccines (mandates coming as we speak) for your children and elderly, the most, immune system vulnerable.

The FDA has been politicized to a point where the Drug co.’s are allowed to release slews of drugs not tested properly because the FDA rushed the approval process. Swine Flu Vaccination testing and safety is no different in this case. Think of the Zetia scam, Vioxin, etc.. The FDA was like a Circle K. One drug scam after another in W. Bush 8yrs.

Anyone in America who would trust the US government to administer shots of live viruses into your body, is nuts.

Watch some of these videos about the 1976 Flu Vaccines.


***This is Important!

-Repeated Vaccination Process in America, 1976

PLEASE families take charge of your right to be vaccine free and fluoride free with your drinking water.

No one should ever allow the government tell them anything about what they are forced to take as a medication.
This has been going on with water fluoridation for over 60 yrs. And now the new vaccine push in America, 2009.

1976 Footage - "60 Minutes" Swine Flu shot expose' part 2

Don't Vaccinate for the Swine Flu. And don't allow Fluoridation of your Water by any government entity. These two issues are birds of a feather.