Saturday, July 16, 2005

Authoritarianism and ideology- Bush Administration doesn't matter at all. Words may be powerful for now..but it only boils down to one thing. In the end.....
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Antifluff Superstar says:

Don't be so cynical! (humor...haha)
What's the "one thing. In the end...."?

Words will always be powerful.
They're all we've got. Words are what lawyers
use to interpret the law. Words (and "images" in this case) are what people use to start wars without the approval of their people.

And words are contained in the constitution which right now.."don't matter at all". You're right!

When you are dealing with the face of darkness, it's tough going for everyone.

But, apathy is never the answer.
Most of Europe, Asia, Africa, just about everone else has been through this many times. They know probably better than Americans what's going on. We're just so caught up with our "cell phones" and "TV" and a million other creature comforts. Thats why Americans are such easy takes for the Bush Man.

....and So... while folks drive around the country with Bush stickers on their cars, yaking on their cell phones... the Bush Administrtaion is raping America, an easy lay!

It's no fun being a Bitch. But someone has to bitch when things are SO messed up. I've never read even one article by a writer or reporter... Nobody. That is saying the "Words" that need to be said about the Bush Administratioin.

We need to be pushing the envelope with the vocabulary of "words"....(by that I mean peaceful means of educating the public)

And now thankfully we have "Images" to work with the words thanks be to DIGITAL & Science! .... and Su Papa!
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