Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Talk by Naomi Wolf - The End of America


Naomi Wolf outlines the "10 Step" blueprint for the closing down of a democracy. She cites repeated historical examples from Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet, Mussolini.

And she closes with the same view that I share. Bush should not only be impeached, he must be incarcerated along with the rest of the criminals in his administration. America is asleep at the wheel and it won’t be much longer before it’s to late to do anything about any of this.

Since she gave this lecture the most egregious law since the Patriot Act, “Home Grown Terrorism” HR 1955 has passed the House of Representatives 404 to 6.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

9/11 Truth vs Mainstream Media

Bill Maher is an arrogant asshole who should not be syndicated. Boycott this guy's show. He's a Media Mole for the Corporations.

Bush Administration Insider Says 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Dr. Morgan Reynolds was the Chief Economist for the Bush admin. for a period. He came out I believe in the summer of 2005 with a paper describing that the World Trade Centers had to have been demolitioned. And he's from Texas!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9/11 Coincidences (Part Seven)

World Trade Center Building 7 Demolition admitted by Larry Silversteen, lease holder. He made 7 Billion off or the 911 debacle. Watch this!

The Truth about Flight 93

Explain this?

9/11 Flight 93 Rare Footage

How is it possible that a plane crashed with so little wreckage? No bodies... And there is another video of the coroner of the city showing up astonished that nothing was there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Antifluff Supergirls

Antifluff Supergirls, originally uploaded by Antifluff Superstar.

Beautiful & Charming

Photo by: Mark Galasso
Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana
August 27, 2007

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Antifluff Supergirls

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Hope Within Light & Darkness

Inspired by this knew knowledge about Mother Theresa of Calcutta: Her struggle with her faith in crisis and darkness for half a century.,8599,1655415,00.html

Photo by: Mark Galasso
LSU Lakes, Baton Rouge, La

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I have a song called “Di is Dead” from the CD "Spirit Play". It is about the fanaticism that surrounded the death of Princess Diane. It was amazing to me. One of the strangest things I'd ever seen in the media. And Then there was the the O.J. Simpson Trial. But Princess Di transcended the world it seemed to so many. I was working on "Di is Dead" during Diana's Funeral and in that same week Mother Theresa died. It was very "hope Taking" to see that they hardly mentioned it in the news. So I made one of the choruses of "Di is Dead" a dedication to Mother Theresa. It's the 3rd Chorus. Words are:

So Princess Di is Dead what was that Nun to you
Was she not pretty enough to get her face on the news
She tried to save the world, something nobody could do
The purest soul is gone, it seems like something is wrong
But I got my money

Below is an iTunes link of the song, "Di is Dead":

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I was once able to be in Mother Theresa’s presence publicly within arms reach. I went to hear her speak in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when she came to open a house for unwed mothers. She left some nuns here. I wanted to be close enough to feel what her spirit felt like. She did seem far away to her own world. Focused, preoccupied.

When she spoke it was shockingly brief to me. Only these words I clearly remember. She said:

"We live in a world full of selfishness. We are very selfish people. We should all strive to be less selfish".

My reaction was We all know that?

But it was about ten years later in a bowling alley music bar in New Orleans (The Rockin’ Bowl) when I realized what Mother Teresa meant. She meant that people are selfish not only with their money, but their very selves, their sharing of souls, of compassion and kindness.

So, after all of my own questions and inner battles I come to find the torment within Mother Teresa. And as of now it's not at all unusual. What else could she have felt. How could any kind of really tangible god allow what she had to work with everyday, her whole life; and not have her experience emptiness. When you know you are living within the middle of a vacant, deceitful world that would let people die, kill them outright, let them suffer and be sick, create wars for profit and power. We've been reading, learning and repeating the same things forever as the people of "earth".

Will this cycle of suffering, "samsara" ever be broken? Thus, the "hope" within Light & Darkness.

When you look at the history of sires and profits they all had these spiritual dichotomies going on. And perhaps that is the lesson to learn from Mother Theresa. It exists, it always will and yet you move on and within this varied existence between Dark and Light. Something I’ve always thought a lot about. There were periods in the universe we live in where for millions of years there was nothing but darkness. No movement of anything. No light.