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LOUISIANA ****WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL THE 23rd of JUNE to STOP WATER FLUORIDATION BILL 312 Sponsored by Louisiana Senator Willie Mount

This Blog Post is about an open letter to Louisiana Senator Willie Mount, author of Louisiana Senate Bill 312 which is a law mandating adding FLUORIDE in the drinking water in Louisiana.


I was told they are going to address it THIS WEEK!


This should be a crime, that somebody would try to get away with doing this,
without any debate by Louisiana citizens up till a few days before they ram it through.


Contact for Senator Willie Mount sponsor of Fluoridation
in drinking water mandate Bill 312 :

Link to email contact for Louisiana Senators,
the people who passed the first bill before it was amended by the House of Representatives. The senate REJECTED the House of Rep.’s changes to the law and now I am told they will both convene to decide if they are going to poison our drinking water with Fluoride, to help the poor folks with their cavities, courtesy of who? What corporation maker/disposer of hydrofluosilicic acid (the toxic sludge they use) needs to help us in this way please? And to spend money to do this, building machines to poison the water you drink!!

The Louisiana House of Representatives contact:

At least the House amended the Water Fluoridation bill 312 as I understand it to allow communities a way to opt-out... not totally sure what’s going on, but LOUISIANA WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL THE 23rd of JUNE to STOP WATER FLUORIDATION BILL 312

-It’s even worse that they are trying to ram this through as fast as possible it seems, people have no idea, walking around stating, “well isn’t fluoride good for your teeth?”. And that’s as far as it goes sadly with most people.

Links: Baton Rouge, Channel 2 & The Advocate about Fluoridation Law 312


Body of discussion & Letter to Willie Mount:

This Blog Post is about an open letter to Louisiana Senator Willie Mount, author of Louisiana Senate Bill 312 which is a law mandating adding FLUORIDE in the drinking water in Louisiana.

In the law there are op-outs that a city or parish can take, but they are asking each of us in our parishes to sign a petition to opt-out. You have to actually do some work to get the Government not to poison your own water. And there is only ONE reason this is happening. MONEY. It’s cheaper to put Fluoride in people’s drinking water, then to dispose of it properly and LEGALLY. FACT. Anyone who doesn’t believe, do some reading about the by-products of chemical processes like Fertilizer, Aluminium, enrichment of Uranium and Plutonium. Fluoride waste is a big part of all these processes all the way back to the Manhattan Project and the production of the first Nukes. And so what will they do with all this Fluoride waste product?

They invoke laws over communities asking them to take part in the disposal of Fluoride waste. And guess who’s behind this bill? The American Dental Association, of all people huh? The guys that care about the Fluoride SO MUCH, that they’d have an organization to invoke the support of dumping hydrofluosilicic acid (the toxic sludge they use) in your drinking water. If you can’t make sense out of this it’s because it’s SENSELESS.

So, here is Bobby Jindal freshly in office. And out appears suddenly a bill to MANDATE WATER FLUORIDATION. From a senator who represents, Lake Charles. What will Jindal do? Let’s make him answer. If he’s really for reform, and he’s a rhodes scholar, he should know more than you or I that Water Fluoridation is a medieval practice that has no basis in the year 2008.

These are the kinds of things, these insidious ideas introduced as law over people, that are so dangerous.

They want budget requests from the water suppliers, and the Baton Rouge Water Co. is privately owned. They won’t specify clearly where the money is to come from to pay for the equipment and cost involved in equipping the water co’s to be able to POISON your water, without you even knowing, how or what goes in it. And if there were mistakes, could people die? (YES)

This law gives, let’s say the Military Industrial Complex (they make a lot of Fluoride waste, Nukes etc), an outlet via the Federal Government to legally poison the very water that you need to survive, and pass it off by saying it’s medicine for your cavities.
It’s frankly scary to me, that people who live in Baton Rouge, or anywhere would be so aloof about such an important and fundamental part of their lives WATER. I didn’t even know about this until a day ago. And yet here is this law coming out of Lake Charles by senator named Mount wanting to mandate that I suddenly start taking Fluoride with my public water.

You might say I took this personally!

If you think it’s your sovereign right to put something I know is poison, in what I drink, same water that children drink in the schools, then you are not American. You are a traitor to all people.

It all starts in the communities. If there is any community that exists in Baton Rouge, I hope it will stand up now and Reprimand this WATER FLUORIDATION MANDATE



Dear Senator Mount,

I am writing to you to express my outrage regarding your creation of a bill to Fluoridate our water supply in Louisiana. Especially, given that we have some of the best natural water aquifers in the Nation.
Anyone who would actually sit down to create a law mandating such a thing has no interest in the health and well being of people.

You don't put one of the most toxic chemicals on earth into people's drinking water to prevent tooth decay.
It should be considered a crime against humanity to “medicate” people via their drinking water with Fluoride.
Why not put antibiotics in our water too?

Other than naturally occurring Fluoride (which is too much naturally in some water and must be removed) there is no justification for putting rat poison in our drinking water.

The water fluoridation fraud is one of the most insidious assaults on the public health ever devised. The first advocacy for water Fluoridation came from a scientist who
worked for the Mellon institute, owned by Alcoa Corp. (1939) which mass produced Fluoride as waste. And presently there are mountains of evidence to support
the toxic effects of water Fluoridation on humans. Note: (the first Fluoride testing on humans was done on the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps)

Below is a link and excerpt to one of the many articles about the detrimental effect of Fluoride on the Human Thyroid gland:

"We learned that the source of fluoride for municipalities is not sodium fluoride, the compound used by researchers to determine benefit versus risk. Instead, surprisingly, we found that what is added to almost all city water when it is fluoridated is the industrial waste product hydrofluosilicic acid. This scrubber waste item, generally from phosphate fertilizer production, is frequently contaminated with varying amounts of cadmium, aluminum, arsenic, lead, or mercury. We found serious studies showing that minute amounts of these heavy metals (much less than would generally be considered toxic) are harmful in various ways when combined with fluoride. Moreover, we were amazed to find out that not a single safety test has ever been performed on hydrofluocilicic acid!"

Senator Mount, please familiarize yourself with the sordid history of water Fluoridation, if you have not already.
This is the year 2008, we are not living in Medieval times. People learned the cold hard truth during Katrina; the Government doesn't care about people.
Much less whether they have cavities.

A vote for this bill means a vote to poison the people and children of Louisiana.
You should be reprimanded for creating a bill advocating Mass Fluoridation of people's drinking water.
And even worse, it will be the poor and helpless who will have no alternative but to drink water poisoned with hydrofluosilicic acid (the toxic sludge they use) under the guise that it's good for their Teeth.

Mark Galasso
Resident of EBRP


nyscof said...

When a fluoridation mandate bill is presented to legislators, I believe all they hear is blah, blah, blah; but what they see is representatives of organizations with loads of PAC money, potential $peaking engagments, photo ops, etc - in other words, they see that by passing a bill presented by the Louisiana Dental Association they, in turn, will get financial and other support they need to stay in elective office.

So passing this bill without constituent knowledge helps the dentists as well as the legislators.

The dentists need to be mandated to actually treat low-income people. 80% of them won't allow Medicaid patients in their offices and 108 million people don't have dental insurance. People in America are dying from untreated tooth decay

However, there's no special interest group approaching our legislators to require dentists be mandated to treat more Medicaid and low-income people.

So they throw some fluoride chemicals out there and it gives the illusion that legislators are working with organized dentistry to rectify the problem when, in fact,they are making it worse - as too much fluoride actually causes the teeth to crumble and decay.

The Louisiana Senate yesterday debated whether there was sufficient evidence to ban hand-held cell phones while driving because there wasn't enough evidence that it causes accidents.

However, there is NO evidence that any Louisiana child or adult is fluoride-deficient, yet the Senators didn't utter a peep about the issue. I assume it's because they don't really understand it and don't want to look foolish asking a question they don't already know the answer to.

The truth is that since fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth, there is no fluoride-deficiency state. Fluoride is a drug that should never be administered via the water supply.

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.

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Tooth Decay Crises in Fluoridated Areas

Fluoride Action Network http://www.FluorideAction.Net

Fluoride Journal http://www.FluorideResearch.Org

BillyWarhol said...

Oh so there's More to it than just being good for Teeth*

I've often wondered about Mercury in Fillings + Fluoride being a cause for Environmentally produced Headaches*

Anonymous said...

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