Thursday, June 23, 2005

NEW! -192kbps MP3's on

If you'd like to hear some MP3's of these songs that sound good over broadband please take a listen.

A lot of the song samples on the Digital Download sites are low quality MP3's and often don't do justice to the recordings. Even my own website has MP3's I am unhappy with and due to bandwidth considerations some of the songs are in mono etc. If you buy the CD's themselves they of course sound great and that's your best option for high fidelity.

"Perception is Everything" -Brando.


  • Listen to “Antifluff Superstar” from the "ANTIFLUFF SUPERSTAR" CD

  • Listen to “Let’s Make it Work Somehow” from the CD “PERCHAPLECTIC”

  • Listen to “Think for Yourself” from the new CD, “POP”


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