Saturday, June 18, 2005

Antifluff Superstar Reviews on

I have been involved with since it’s beginning in @ 1999. A friend called from NY to tell me that he’d heard on the news that Jimmy Iovine was starting this new record company online and it sounded interesting because it was to be revolved around it’s people review the songs system. This was going to be the labels first foray into cyberspace. And then came Napster.

My song "Let's Make It Work Somehow" (on “Perchaplectic” my first CD) was "Song of the Day" for 24 hours based on the number of enthusiastic reviews it received and eventually wound up #14 on the Pop Charts.

As far as being "let the people decide" and the best song wins... They have an agenda like everyone. All contests are bogus for the most part. Just like reviews. You can pay anyone to say anything about you. But it doesn’t really matter. The good thing about is that you can get an idea of what people REALLY think about your music from all over the world. The review process enables you to basically say whatever you want about what you're listening too. has changed CEO’s about three or four times. I forget. But now they are trying to gracefully swing into some sort of Legitimate situation to squander the huge database of songs they’ve now collected. And I must say that the new CEO Al Pavoti ?... seems to be doing some good things. Coming up with new ways to make it work as a legitimate commercial business in the new music frontier.

For example. In the beginning you just listened to I think three sets of three songs? or 12...something like that and you got to upload a song. Now, you have the option of paying @ $20 or listening to a BUNCH of songs you do not want to hear. Though the last time I listened it seemed like the talent pool had jumped significantly. Which is logical. If you can afford it, it's like advertising costs, pay the $20 and skip the review process. But, it can be fun and it's the heart of the original idea behind They are also starting a Podcast platform. That should be interesting. Podcasting will change the world that's for sure.

I've created links to some of the song reviews at the sidebar here. I deliberately put up six totally different songs to see what people would say. For example I uploaded my lottery jingle "Pick 4". As I expected no one even knew it was a jingle. That's what we're up against folks. Selling songs to monkees!

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