Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jindal’s Louisiana Secretary of Health & Hospitals Deceives Newspapers Regarding Country of Origin for Water Fluoridation Chemicals

Here is a photo provided by COF of Lafayette (Citizens Opposing Fluoride) which was obtained (secretly) from a Louisiana city water department. Prominently displayed are the usual poison warning of skull and bones, the safety precautions and first aid procedures for handling toxic substances, and the acknowledgement that it is made in Japan.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) suggests in their standards that water operators should ask for country of origin.

Jindal’s (suspiciously appointed over many more qualified applicants form Louisiana) appointed Louisiana Secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals Alan Levine ( MBA) has gone on record in two articles now stating that fluoridation chemicals used in Louisiana come from within the USA.

Here is his comment in Baton Rouge’s The Advocate :

“Those public water systems in Louisiana that add fluoride use a chemical that was processed in the United States, he said.”

And here in New Orleans Times Picayune he said this:

“Alan Levine, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, points out that fluoride is heavy and costly to transport. Because of that, Louisiana water systems that fluoridate their water use chemicals manufactured in the United States.”

The photo posted here proves that DHH Secretary Alan Levine is either lying or he’s so incompetent that he says things he has no idea whether they are even accurate or not. And this is the man in charge of the Department of Health and Hospitals for Louisiana?

This is the guy we’re supposed to trust what he says and does with regard to dumping Fluoride Toxins into Louisiana water supplies?

Levine is grossly incompetent. He also stated in a meeting in March 2009 that he had no idea of any dangers associated with water fluoridation. Another lie?

He knows, because he was told in a conference meeting by fluoridation expert Dr. Paul Connett in March 2009 that fluoridation has been proven toxic to humans. And yet still, Levine has ignored all valid scientific studies that have since been sent to him regarding the dangers of fluoridating public water supplies.

Levine is an inept & dishonest Jindal operative that should be sent packing.

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nyscof said...

The questions we need to ask is "Are these officials hired to promote fluoridation"

Would government officials be fired if they said anything negative about fluoridation?

Obviously, if the answer to these questions are yes, they can no longer be considered objective sources by any newspaper reporters.