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Save Louisiana's Water! - Stop Bobby Jindal from Poisoning our Natural Water Aquifers with Fluoride Waste Chemical -REVOKE SB 312

For further reading & to educate yourself about the TRUTH regarding WATER FLUORIDATION VISIT:

PLEASE READ THIS BELOW: It’s a summary of how Jindal, DHH, the LDA/ADA and Senator Willie Mount of Lake Charles created a mandate to dump Hydrofluorosilicic Acid & Sodium Fluorosilicate into Louisiana’s Drinking water

- Bobby Jindal hired Alan Levine & Rony Francois, Md, MSPH, Phd to head up the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals. Both of these men worked for Jeb Bush in Florida's department of Health & Hospitals. Florida is home to the largest Fertilizer Industry in the US where 95% of the Fluoride waste chemical comes from that is used to fluoridate water in the USA.

At a meeting (where I was present) with the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals (DHH) in Baton Rouge on April 22, 2009 Secretary of DHH Alan Levine, and his Assistant to the Secretary Rony Francois (Md, MSPH, Phd) claimed to have NO KNOWLEDGE of any of the dangers and hazards surrounding water fluoridation.

And yet it is these two men who worked for Jeb Bush in Florida, home to the largest producers of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid & Sodium Fluorosilicate fertilizer waste product, which is used to fluoridate Humans Drinking water.

These men have been put in charge of administering this fluoride waste toxin to all citizens of Louisiana, to include: babies, pregnant women, the sick, the poor, Kidney dialysis patients, people with immunity disorder issues, Thyroid disorders, Diabetics.... etc and yet they admitted that they knew of no dangers or hazards regarding water fluoridation.

Dr. Paul Connett, (Emeritus Environmental Chemistry Phd. & founder of a widely recognized anti-fluoridation expert was present at this meeting to explain to the heads of Louisiana's Department of Health & hospitals that Water Fluoridation is extremely toxic to humans and under no circumstances should water fluoridation be mandated without the consent of the citizens of Louisiana.

So, I ask all of you, is Bobby Jindal anything other than a social climbing politician? Another politician who will say anything, do anything to advance his political ambitions, (-Didn’t his unbelievable speech to the nation point out just what a GOON Jindal really is.) even if it means poisoning Louisiana Citizens drinking water, without their consent.

The people of Louisiana have no idea this is even happening and have no education about water fluoridation other than the Fluoridation influence peddling from their dentists and the LDA/ADA. Specifically, DDS, Ward Blackwell the head of the LDA. This dentist went before the Louisiana Legislature and flat out lied to them about the safety of water fluoridation. There were no opposing experts there during the legislative session to present the known dangers of water fluoridation; Data, studies and statistics that have been there for over 60yrs demonstrating that Water Fluoridation is not only NOT necessary, it's terribly toxic to humans.

You can watch DDS, Ward Blackwell on Video making what is tantamount to medical malpractice statements before the Louisiana Legislature:

DDS, Ward Blackwell’s words:

"there simply are no documented safety issues with fluoridation".

This is the fight to fight. It's for the safety of your drinking water.

Jindal should be impeached for signing SB 312 into law. He ignored all of the emails and phone calls from those who did know about SB 312. (I only found out thanks to

And to make things worse, the people Jindal has appointed to head DHH in Louisiana claimed to know NOTHING about the dangers surrounding Water Fluoridation.

How medically irresponsible and incompetent can you get? Especially regarding something as important as the safety of your drinking water.

Jindal signed SB 312 into law, and it’s a MANDATE to poison what is some of the best drinking water in the world, Baton Rouge's water comes from natural well water aquifers.

The unthinkable is happening, Six months after Jindal became governor there appears a law mandating that Hydrofluorosilicic Acid be added as medication to citizens drinking water WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. And with NO WAY to CONTROL the DOSE


And the SB 312 law is designed so that it is almost impossible to have it overturned in your city. You’d have to get 15% (they initially wanted it to be 30% but the congress rejected it) of the people in your city to sign a legitimate petition and THEN force a vote where over 50% of the citizens would have to vote out the fluoridation mandate. This is no easy task. This is why Louisiana must force Jindal To REVOKE SB 312.

All citizens of Louisiana, please get involved and demand that Jindal REVOKE
SB 312.


**** If the citizens of Louisiana rest on our laurels, grant funding or some other way to implement water fluoridation will no doubt happen.


Text Body of Flyer:

In July, 2008 Bobby Jindal signed into law SB 312 sponsored by Senator Willie Mount of Lake Charles & the Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) & the American Dental Association (ADA).

This insidious law mandates that Louisiana’s water supplies be poisoned with fluoride waste chemical (by-product of the Fertilizer industry) known specifically as, Hydrofluorosilicic Acid & Sodium Fluorosilicate -which contains Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and even highly radioactive Uranium which is found in phosphate rock used to make fertilizer.

In the middle of a historic depression in the US Jindal & DHH (Department of Health & Hospitals) is creating a tax on your water to the tune of millions of dollars to add Fluoride Waste Super Toxins to your water. Why is this? Ask Jindal & Secretary of DHH, Alan Levine,. - FACT: If you dump this same waste in a river you’ll go to jail, and yet these people intend to put this same chemical in your drinking water. Claiming that when sufficiently diluted in water these super poisons are rendered harmless. † Malpractice false.

The costs to add Hydrofluorosilicic Acid or Sodium Fluorosilicate to Baton Rouge’s 80 separate and pristine natural water aquifers will be $8,553,559.90 for the first six months. The state is supposed pay (** often outside grants or funding is obtained to quietly begin the fluoridation) for the first six months costs for water fluoridation. Thereafter, the citizens of Baton Rouge will pay a huge price tag for adding Hydrofluorosilicic Acid & Sodium Fluorosilicate to your water. The PRICE OF YOUR WATER WILL GO UP SIGNIFICANTLY. Baton Rouge Water Co. Just announced it’s first price increase in 17 yrs. Think of what you will be paying if DHH fluoridates our Great World Class water in Baton Rouge.

****Call & Email: Governor Jindal, (DHH) Department of Health & Hospitals Secretary Alan Levine, your Senators ( Willie Mount) & Representatives, Mayor Kip Holden, Baton Rouge Water Company, The Advocate, Local TV News Stations and your local Churches and DEMAND that SB 312 (2008) be REVOKED.

Facts about Fluoridation & Important Questions to ask Jindal, DHH Alan Levine & the politicians who voted MANDATORY Fluoridation into law:

1. Baton Rouge has 80 separate well water aquifers. It is extremely IMPRACTICAL & EXPENSIVE to fluoridate all these water sites. Does DHH have test results indicating that each of these 80 water sites are fluoride deficient? If not, what is the basis for adding additional fluoride waste chemical to perfectly healthy drinking water? Especially since Hydrofluorosilicic Acid is extremely toxic.

2. Since DHH will be medicating citizens by adding supplemental Fluoride to their drinking water, who is legally & medically responsible for this program? Can DHH provide contact information for the physician in charge of administering fluoride “medication” to the population?

3. What dose of Fluoride does DHH plan to prescribe to each citizen? How does DHH plan to administer & control fluoride doses for individual citizens who may drink more water than others?

4. Given that there is ample public access to fluoride products such as toothpaste, mouth wash, dental floss and pharmaceutical fluoride pills, what need could there possibly be to add Hydrofluorosilicic Acid to drinking water? Especially since 99 1/2% of water goes down the drain. Water fluoridation is a wasted & significant expense for taxpayers.

5 .Since DHH is claiming that all citizens are fluoride deficient and need to have fluoride chemical added to their water, how does DHH intend to prove which patients need additional fluoride supplements & those who clearly do not? If DHH cannot TEST all CITIZENS BLOOD to determine why DHH might medicate them, with anything, let alone additional fluoride in their system, how is it legal to administer fluoride as a medication via citizens drinking water, without their consent ? Is this the year 2009 or 1650? Water Fluoridation is a Medieval practice.

6. Can DHH provide toxicity studies done on Hydrofluorosilicic Acid & Sodium Fluorosilicate that prove definitively that adding these specific chemicals to drinking water is safe for infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly and citizens with compromised immunity issues such as Kidney & Thyroid disorders etc...

7. Will DHH educate the public re: the fact that 95% of the fluoride chemical used in water fluoridation in the US comes in the form of a chemical waste product (Silicofluorides) produced by manufacturing Fertilizer? - THIS is a KEY FACT that the PUBLIC NEEDS TO KNOW about.††

8 . It is illegal to dump Silicofluorides into a river or ocean & yet it is these chemicals, Hydrofluorosilicic Acid & Sodium Fluorosilicate that DHH will be adding to your drinking water. Like I said, CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

9. What business do dentists, LDA & ADA have advocating (and spending a lot of money to do so) mass medication of citizens, without their consent, via their drinking water? The "It's good for your teeth argument" is a fraud, it's been proven time and again all over the world, water fluoridation is completely unnecessary for optimal dental health

10. In 2006, the ADA began warning dentists and it's constituents (not publicly) that using fluoridated water with baby formula for infants is dangerous & toxic to the babies blood/brain barrier. So, it's poisoning them. Adults are no different.

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