Sunday, May 21, 2006

LSU Chancellor Sean O’keefe (former NASA head) admits being Bohemian Grove Member


1. To point out the Sean O’keefe (formerly head of NASA) connection with Bush and Bohemian Grove.

Since the Bush administration has been suppressing and censoring all kinds of scientists in America and at the Universities it is an important question why Sean O'keefe is at LSU. What is his role at the University and how it relates to the well being of Louisiana?

Or does it have to do with Bush appointments in key areas of control in America concerning the suppression of information.

This is notable in his Bio:

- "Appointed Secretary of the Navy in July 1992 by President George Bush, O'Keefe served as Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Defense since 1989. Before joining then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney's Pentagon management team in these capacities, he served on the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations staff for eight years and was Staff Director of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. "

Read this O’keefe interview in the LSU Reveille about Bohemian Grove:

An Elite Alliance
Chancellor confirms membership in club
By Amy Brittain
March 07, 2006



Some of the most powerful people in the US government (George Bush, Alan Greenspan. Jimmy Buffet?, Clint Eastwood, Henry Kissinger, Reagan, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Nixon...) attend occult worship events every July at "Bohemian Grove". Is that funny? Do you think it's true? Does that sound like the kind of thing professed Christians and followers of Jesus would do? Decide for yourself. The Bush family are Bohemian Grove Members.

Movies of it (the ritual not pictures of anyone you can see) exist:

Alex Jones was the first person to sneak in Bohemian Grove
and get the “Cremation of Care” ceremony on video. Watch it here:

The Associated Press December 26, 2004
LSU and O'Keefe: mysteries of his hiring
By Adam Nossiter

Sean O’keefe Bio


2. To Protest Sean O’keefe selecting Dick Cheney to speak at the May 19, 2006 LSU graduation ceremony. This was strange and inappropriate to say the least. I'd go so far as to say inviting Dick Cheney (in reality) to speak at LSU was about like having Mussolini:

Benito Mussolini
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"He created a Fascist state through the use of diplomacy and propaganda. Using his charisma, total control of the media, and outright violence and intimidation against political rivals, he disassembled the existing democratic government system."

SEE: Dick Cheney: "Torture Man" : read about Cheney the man who lobbied a year for the ability to torture beyond any limits of world law. The US is not even a member of the International Courts of justice, Bush signed off on it first thing when he got in office. The US is not accountable to anyone for anything on this planet. And with the people involved in what is the Bush administration, there has been nothing but destruction, exploitation and breakdown of the foundations of all that was good about America. Their "New World Order" PNAC plans include nothing that has anything to do with the preservation and well being of Humanity. (Just ask the Katrina victims New Orleans)

You can't raise the legal limit of the national debt 4 times, a record in American history and not expect the people of that country to pay hell for it at some point. All that military/defense spending, oil/energy and cleanup of the destruction they have created is going right back into the pockets of those that made it happen. It has been a very lethal system. And most people agree that the architect of all this is Dick Cheney.

AND THIS IS THE MAN O'Keefe invited to LSU commencement.
It's deplorable, ridiculous that a man like Dick Cheney would be allowed anywhere near a serious academic institution.


3. To Point out that David Gergen of the Clinton Admin. had to step down when his being a member of Bohemian Grove was exposed:

*** Watch David Gergen former Clinton Adviser talk about Bohemian Grove:

Some of the most powerful people in the US government attend occult worship events every July at "Bohemian Grove". Is that funny? Do you think it's true? Decide for yourself. Movies of it exist:



Alex Jones was the first person to sneak in Bohemian Grove
and get the “Cremation of Care” ceremony on video. Watch it here:


More Bohemian Grove Info:


Occult Activities at the Elite Bohemian Grove in Northern California Exposed!

-More on Bohemian Grove:


Repack Rider said...


I have friends who are Bohemian Club members, and I have been to their club.

These guys like to party, and the reason they do it without women present is that then they can get super drunk, stay that way for days, and not wake up with the wrong woman.

They're way too drunk to conspire to take over the world, too.

Antifluff Superstar said...

repack rider,
Good for you!

I don't care what you or any of these guys
trip on at their club....bring in bus loads of prostitutes, get drunk...I don't care if they have occult based rituals... use effigies to make sacrifices to a huge owl called Mollock with sounds of people screaming from being thrown in the fire, while they dress up in KKK looking outfits...

But I do care if some promiment leaders in our communities, universities, corp.'s and top Gov. officials try and pass themselves off as "christians"...Esp. George Bush and to make the point most simply have a look at this huge "Jesus & the cross based" 911 propaganda billboard ad :

and this billboard ad ran in July, 2005 before the Bush admin. got busted for buying news "illegally" using "Covert Propaganda":

The Bush admin. got caught doing this at Fox as well. That's just a few examples of them getting caught. Imagine the's a big deal the incongruency of what these people are and what they say on the news....they created an illegal war in Iraq on the news.