Friday, October 14, 2005

Let the Indictments Begin

Delay was in Baton Rouge only weeks ago on the local news after Katrina, just smiling acting like he's your best buddy. Seeing all these politicians in Baton Rouge makes me ill. A bunch of white collar criminals. How many generations are going to have to pay for the setbacks done to america by the Bush Administration?

And I think all the time. These men, these people have children and grandchildren. Do they think about them at all? Judging by what I see I don't think they think much about anybody.

Raegan had over 100 Indictments in his administration. A record.

I think the Bush Administration could topple that easily if the truth be known. But alas, they cover up & conspire to obstruct Justice so well that they all may be untouchable.

Isn't that what the Bush Supreme Court Nominations are all about? Is it over for America? Is there even a shade of democracy left?

Is this another false begining, indictments & investigations going nowhere?

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