Monday, April 25, 2005

"Antifluff Superstar" the CD

“Antifluff Superstar” was composed & recorded during a period of unprecedented self-growth. So much energy goes into making records. Only those that have know what it’s like. Takes everything you have body, mind & soul. It's a fantastic CD and some great musicians played on “Antifluff Superstar”- Many of the same who played on my first CD, “Perchaplectic”(*) :

-Many Thanks to all of you!

Guitars: Gary Don Smith*, Wendell Tilley*, Casey McCallister

Bass: David Ellis*, Nick Lewis

Drums: Gantt Kees*, Troy Davis, Tracy Civello* (+ Bass & Programming on "Leave Me Alone")

Mark Galasso*: Vocals, Instruments (piano, drums, guitar, bass etc.), programming, recording & Mixing.

Vocalist: Kim Smith (duet on "Stuck Here Without You")

Trumpet: David Dunbar ("Leave Me Alone" prelude)
Trombone: Cason Duke ("Antifluff Superstar")
Trombone: Chris Long ("Leave Me Alone" prelude)

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ANTIFLUFF SUPERSTAR: Antifluff Superstar

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