Saturday, March 19, 2005

"PERCHAPLECTIC" by: Mark Galasso (a.k.a. Antifluff Superstar)

"Perchaplectic" is my first CD released under the name Mark Galasso before changing my artist name to "Antifluff Superstar". This is a special CD and it's packed full of 17 songs. The musicians on the CD are extraordinary and the CD was recorded in my bedroom and it took at least 3 years (I forget?) to make this CD. Getting all these brilliant musicians together was some undertaking. All my CD releases are professionally mastered by: Eric Wolf @ Wolf Mastering, Nashville.

In 1998 "Perchaplectic" was the featured CD for three months on the front page of, a premier music web site in the UK.

Two songs "'Blonde & Fair" & "10 Miles Away" (& "So Happy" from the CD "Antifluff Superstar) are licensed by for use in their Photojam application. These songs have been downloaded and used with Photojam by well over 100,000 people.

Incidentally, the title cut..."Perchaplectic" is tied together with another song "I'm Comin' Over" & unfortunately you can't preview it. So, you get two songs in one in this case!

You can listen/buy "Perchaplectic" on iTunes (US, Europe, Canada), Rhapsody, Yahoo (, Napster, MusicNet, Sony Connect, EMEPE3.COM, MUSICMATCH, Etherstream, and a bunch of other music download sites which I will update as things develop.

Click on the CD icon below to listen to music clips and you can buy the "Acutal" CD here as well. And the CD's themselves do sound MUCH better than digitally downloaded material. With the CD you are getting first generation AIFF files, not compressed forms of MP3's etc... This will get better in the near future.

MARK GALASSO: Perchaplectic

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